Morgenland All Star Band  DASTAN

Morgenland All Star Band  


Amir ElSaffar, trumpet 
Dima Orsho, voice
Perhat Khaliq, voice & guitar
Ibrahim Keivo, voice
Ziya Gückan, violin
Moslem Rahal, ney
Frederik Köster, trumpet
Kinan Azmeh, clarinet
Salman Gambarov, piano
Andreas Müller, bass
Rony Barrak, percussion
Bodek Janke, drums & percussion

Recorded by Walter Quintus

A co-production with NDR

catalog number 21086 

The Morgenland All Star Band unites several of the most outstanding musical personalities from the Near Orient with Jazz greats such as Frederik Köster or Bodek Janke. Traditional Kurdic music meets Uighur Funk-Rock from north-west China and jazz from Azerbaijan. Special guest is the jazz trumpeter Amir ElSaffar, who combines his musical biographical roots - Iraqi Maqam and American jazz: a global sound web full of tension, juxtapositions and surprises.

Live from the NDR Concert Hall in Hanover