Respighi: Fontane di Roma - Feste Romane & Suk: Scherzo Fantastique

Orchestral works by Respighi & Suk

Philharmonic Orchestra Altenburg - Gera

Gabriel Feltz

Ottono Respighi:
Fontane di Roma
Feste Romane
Joseph Suk:
Scherzo Fantastique op. 25 (1903)

catalog number 21022

“An orchestra which is brilliantly disposed and plays magnificently, led by a conductor who is at the same time charismatic and intelligent, and then the sophisticated recording technique: Respighi’s music, which is often berated for being somewhat shallow, becomes an experience and Suk’s Scherzo Fantastique proves to be a real discovery!”

Gerhard Anders in “das orchester”