Trivium Werke von Joaquín Turina, Rodrigo Riera, Federico Mompou, René Eespere.   Hermann Hudde, Guitar

Hermann Hudde, guitar

Joaquin Turina: Garrotin y soleares; Rafaga
Rubén Riera: Melancolía, Monotonía, Nostalgia
Federico Mompou: Suite Compostelana
Reneé Eespere: Trivium for guitar, flute and violin

Burkhard Schmidt, violin
Gary Wolf, flute

Catalog number 21017

”Dear Mr. Hudde, you gave me an enormous surprise. You and your chamber music partners have wonderfully recorded my piece of music Trivium.

Rene Eespere”

”It’s nice to see the three pieces by Rubén’s late father, which I published with Universal Edition 19 (!) years ago. He is rarely remembered now, but as he was a modest man I don’t suppose he feels badly about it!. Minimalism is not my favourite musical idiom, but on hearing Trivium my worst fears proved groundless!. Trivium is a delightful piece with a contemplative stillness that is very north European - not least that of Finland. Sincerely, John Duarte”