Sergej Rachmaninoff: Die Totensinsel & Der Fels
Alexandre Skrjabin: Prométhée Le poème du feu

Andreas Boyde, Klavier
Stuttgarter Philharmoniker
Philharmonia Chor Stuttgart
Gabriel Feltz

SACD, stereo & multichannel (Hybrid)

Catalog number: 21035

Bronius Kutavicius
The Gates of Jerusalem

St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra/ Aidija Chamber Choir/ Donatas Katkus

Catalog number 21003

In this work the Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavicius, sometimes ironically called the “last pagan composer”, presents a geographical panorama of religious rites from various parts of the world, taking as his starting point the cultural influences on the city of Jerusalem, which has three city gates on each of its four sides.

“Bronius Kutavicius is gradually winning a group of fans in the centre of Europe.”
Martin Demmler in FonoForum:

“The artistic interpretation of these “echoes of the ancient world cultures” by the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra and the Aidija Chamber Choir from Vilnius has a high degree of authenticity.”


Orchestral works by Respighi & Suk


Catalog number 21022

Philharmonic Orchestra Altenburg - Gera

Gabriel Feltz

Ottono Respighi:
Fontane di Roma
Feste Romane
Joseph Suk:
Scherzo Fantastique op. 25 (1903)

“An orchestra which is brilliantly disposed and plays magnificently, led by a conductor who is at the same time charismatic and intelligent, and then the sophisticated recording technique: Respighi’s music, which is often berated for being somewhat shallow, becomes an experience and Suk’s Scherzo Fantastique proves to be a real discovery!”

Gerhard Anders in “das orchester”


Tehran Symphony Orchestra live in Osnabrück

Works by Hassan Riahi, Pjotr Tchaikovsky, Nader Mashayekhi

Salar Aghili, Gesang
Harir Shariatzadeh, Daf
Amir Sarraf, Klavier
Teheraner Symphonieorchester
Nader Mashayekhi

Catalog number: 21036


Female composers’ works

Fanny Hensel, Emilie Mayer, Luise Adolpha LeBeau 


Catalog number 21015


Emilie Mayer (1812-1883)- Symphonie Nr. 5 f-minor
Fanny Hensel (1805-1847)
- "Hero und Leander"
Luise Adolpha Le Beau (1850-1927)
- Piano Concerto in d-minor op.37

Maacha Deubner, soprano
Katia Tchemberdji, piano

Kammersymphonie Berlin

conducted by Jürgen Bruns

 “An ambitious project and the resulting concert programme are reflected on this CD which also contains a carefully put together and informative booklet with numerous details about the female composers portrayed. The Kammersymphonie Berlin conducted by Jürgen Bruns plays with great engagement and verve - the bravos from the audience at the end, which can be heard on the recording, are justly deserved. This CD points us down a long-forgotten path of music history and is, above all, commendable for the recording of the 5th Symphony.”

Sven Kerkhoff in „musikansich“

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